Allied Blending ProductsFor over a quarter of a century, Allied Blending LP has provided world-class formulation, production and manufacturing services to the cheese, tortilla, bakery and other specialty industries. Our ongoing R&D, precision blending facilities and technical expertise allow us to serve cheese producers, tortilla makers and other food manufacturers with quality, value-added products. And whether bulk or LTL order, we deliver our products from strategically located facilities on demand and on time.

Allied Blending LP manufactures precision blends and functional ingredients for ….

  • Cheese Products includes anti-caking and liquid ingredient systems that are sold to the cheese industry; extender products that lengthen the shelf life of specific food products; and analogue cheese blends that are reduced or casein free. A unique pathogen inhibitor system keeps cheese products safer for extended consumer use.
  • Tortilla Products include BatchPak™ specialty blends for tortilla and flatbread manufacturers and liquid preservatives for tortilla corn chip manufacturers.
  • Bakery Products include a family of enzyme based blends and dough conditioners, leavening systems, baking powders and dusting starches.
  • Specialty Products include laundry starches and all contract blending activities.
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