Cost-Effective Blends for Processed Cheese

Get more for your money with Cheese-Mor®. Our all-in-one blends feature casein-free technology that stabilizes ingredient pricing, improves batch-to-batch consistency and enhances product performance. We also offer an array of labor-saving, all-in-one blends that work well with your existing processing and packaging equipment to deliver more convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Block Cheese 100 Series Non-mozzarella blends are available for fast, moderate or restricted melt temperatures (stretch is dependent on blend).
Block Cheese 320 Series Non-mozzarella blends up to 40%, with no stretch and high melt temperature.
Vegan 500 Series Available as slices, loaves, shreds and sticks with low stretch and moderate melt – or as salad bar blocks with no stretch and no melt.
Pizza Topping 920 Series Mozzarella cheese blends up to 50%, with good stretch and moderate melt.
IWS Series Individually wrapped slices (IWS) of imitation cheese.


For More Information

To learn how Cheese-Mor® Blends can help make your processed and blended cheese production more convenient and profitable, please contact us today.

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