Our industry has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. But our commitment has not. Allied Blending still believes that consistent quality, innovative product ideas and exceptional service are the right formula for success. Our customers agree.

Watch the short video to learn what makes us the natural choice for food solutions.

What we do

Allied Blending formulates highly-functional blends and provides value-added solutions to the food industry. We also serve industrial applications.

What we make

Allied Blending formulates highly-functional blends and provides value-added solutions to the food industry. We also serve industrial applications.

  • Cheese anti-caking systems
  • Antimycotics and oxygen-saving systems
  • Plant-based non-dairy products
  • Process cheese products
  • Tortilla blends and concentrates

  • Preservative and shelf life extenders
  • Liquid reaction ingredients
  • Bakery leavening systems
  • Pathogenic inhibitors
  • Highly specialized functional starches

Our processes

We are built for blending, with proven processes, extensive R&D staff and exceptional services that meet your evolving business needs.


Technical Support

Our highly experienced food scientists and technical service experts are at your service. They find solutions to complex scientific problems, clarify opportunity areas as they emerge, and respond rapidly whenever technical issues arise.


Product Development

Real world product testing is a reality with our fully outfitted dairy research center and commercial grade tortilla production line. And they’re operated by our outstanding PhD and Food Scientist level talent.


Quality Assurance

Quality is built into every part of our culture. Allied Blending supports products with advanced quality assurance that extends from sales and customer service through manufacturing to transportation and delivery.


Laboratory Services

This is where precision meets opportunity. Our in-house laboratories ensure that products are made to precise specifications and provide research capabilities to assist with product development efforts.


Customer Service

Our most important mission is to provide complete customer satisfaction. That’s why our customer service responds quickly to your needs.

Company History

Here’s a quick timeline with some milestones from the past forty-plus years.


1981 Chuck Carvette and Peter Brooks found Industrial Ingredients, Inc.


1984 The fast-growing company adds manufacturing capabilities through Mississippi Blending Company, Inc.


1986 Continued success requires a manufacturing expansion with a new facility in Keokuk, Iowa


1994 Allied Starch & Chemical is formed as the parent holding company


2005 The company expands through the acquisition of Ingredients Unlimited in California and Del Rancho in Texas


2006 The company name officially becomes Allied Blending & Ingredients, Inc.

2007 A new facility is initiated in Bell, California to address growth and expand BatchPaks™ technology


2011 A state-of-the-art research facility is developed in St. Louis, Missouri


2017 J. Rettenmaier & Sons located in Rosenberg, Germany acquires the company and expands Allied Blending, LP


2021 The company celebrates its 40th anniversary and looks ahead to more industry-shaping innovations and customer-focused solutions


“Back in 1981, the company had simple beginnings and big goals. Forty years later we still aim high and work hard every day.”