Today’s customers are extremely demanding. So is Allied Blending. You can satisfy your customers and offer consistent quality with our anti-caking systems for shredded cheese and analogue blends in casein free and reduced casein formulations. There are also vegan and non-dairy products to meet any taste.


All of our blends can be customized to accommodate exacting specifications. For example, oxygen scavenging and antimycotic protective solutions can be applied with parts-per-million precision. Click on any product below to learn more

Free Flow®

Optimize the appearance and performance of your shred products.

Free Flow® is a line of advanced anti-caking products that uses carefully selected potato, corn and tapioca starches, with or without cellulose, in highly researched ratios to optimize the anti-caking characteristics desired by the cheese industry. Free Flow® also features next-generation processing to deliver less dust and lower visibility for higher application rates and better yields. In addition, Free Flow® can provide the antimycotic and oxygen scavenging options that you need to ensure the highest levels of safety and freshness.

Free Flow® XF

Now cheese manufacturers can eliminate gas flushing processes.

Now cheese manufacturers can eliminate gas flushing processes and increase the consistency of their products’ preservation and freshness with XF. This remarkable innovation is the newest anti-caking technology from Allied Blending (patent pending). Free Flow® XF is a unique solution of oxygen scavenging systems that simplifies production processes. It offers significant cost reductions and limits the risk of shutdown by removing the need for nitrogen gas, equipment and maintenance. Free Flow® XF has been adopted by large manufacturers across North America and now it’s ready to simplify your production.

FloAm Dairy®

Ideal for clean label shredded, cubed and crumbled cheese.

FloAm Dairy® improves the efficiency of your cheese production and increases the shelf life of your products. This natural, dairy-based and non-GMO ingredient has the label-friendly characteristics you need. Depend on FloAm Dairy® for low-dust and non-browning performance. The broad functional capabilities of FloAm Dairy® include anti-mold, oxygen scavenging and customized blends.

Flow Lite®

Provide superior anti-caking protection for shredded cheese.

Flow Lite® was more than 10 years in the making. This all-natural, GMO Free product contains no allergens or flavor, produces minimal dusting and provides excellent flowability to maximize production line speeds. Flow Lite® is also a superior carrier for antimycotics and oxygen scavenging systems. In addition, Flow Lite® minimizes browning in all pizza and other baked cheese applications better than any other anti-caking system.


Make the most of your product budget.

EconoFlow® corn starch based anti-caking solution provides the low dust, good flow and convenient application properties that your company needs for the most economical price.


Speed up your production and keep it moving.

HyFlow is the cheese anti-caking agent that’s specifically designed for gusseted bags. It’s formulated to virtually eliminate cheese clumping and bridging. That’s key, because it means you can increase line speeds and reduce costly downtime. HyFlow can also match your current agent’s profile so there’s no need to alter your ingredient listings. There’s also less dust and lower visibility than competitive products, and no impact on cheese browning or melting.


Make imitation and processed cheese production more cost effective.

Cheese-Mor® blends are compatible with existing equipment and processing parameters and provide a convenient all-in-one blend for imitation and processed cheese products. Cheese-Mor® blends improve textural and physical characteristics compared to casein-based products, reduce cost of imitation cheese products and eliminate effects of casein price volatility.

Cheese-Mor® 100% Analogue Blend uses

  • Salad bar block: Restricted melt, great for shredding, slicing and dicing
  • Pizza topping: Full melt and shreddable
  • Hard cheese: Options with restricted melt, perfect for grating
  • Individually wrapped slices (IWS): Restricted melt formulations

Cheese-Mor® 50%/50% Analogue Blend uses

  • Pizza topping: Restricted melt options, perfect for shredding
  • Pizza topping: Shreddable, full melt varieties with extended stretch

Cheese-Mor® Vegan (Dairy Free) Blend uses

  • Pizza topping: Multiple full melt formulations, perfect for shredding
  • Pizza topping: Full melt variety with extended stretch
  • Hard cheese: Perfect for grating with restricted melt


Our convenient dry blends come in ready-to-use, pre-weighed, with easy to follow processing instructions. This simplifies preparation and provides your products with uniform quality.


Our advanced Dairy Lab manufactures and evaluates a complete spectrum of processed cheese products. Allied Blending is also associated with the Danforth Plant Science Center with access to new technologies in plant-based ingredients. We are ready to assist you with product development and custom research..


“Around here, innovation is more than a word. It’s part of our culture at Allied Blending.”

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