Plant-based products are in high demand. Now you can enter the plant-based market quickly and easily and offer the products today’s customers crave with the new PlantWise™ line from Allied Blending. There are PlantWise™ Plant-Based Formulations for cheeses, sauces, spreads, bacon, yogurt and more.


Here are four reasons why PlantWise™ is the right choice for your plant-based products.


No process changes: PlantWise™ works with your current processes, equipment and staff so you can enter the plant-based marketplace quickly and easily


Simple preparation: Convenient PlantWise™ dry blends come in ready-to-use, pre-weighed BatchPaks™ with easy-to-follow processing instructions


Customized formulations: PlantWise™ can be formulated to your desired profi­le, including organic, non-BE, non-GMO, gluten free, allergen free, kosher, clean label and more


Rooted in science: Our R&D teams have created PlantWise™ to mimic the texture and taste of popular foods


Our PlantWise™ solutions offer a large diversity of vegan solutions. The year-long development of the Cheese-Mor® Portfolio allowed Allied Blending to become early on a pioneer in plant-based specialty blends, designed around the cost-effective development and production of cheese analogue products. LEARN MORE

Cheese-Mor® blends are compatible with existing equipment and processing parameters and provide a convenient all-in-one blend for imitation and processed cheese products. They improve textural and physical characteristics compared to casein-based products, reduce cost of imitation cheese products and eliminate effects of casein price volatility.

Cheese-Mor® Vegan Blends Applications

  • Salad bar block: Restricted melt, great for shredding, slicing and dicing
  • Pizza topping: Full melt and shreddable
  • Hard cheese: Options with restricted melt, perfect for grating
  • Individually wrapped slices (IWS): Restricted melt formulations


PlantWise™ works for a full range of applications and food products.


  • Good source of probiotics
  • Great mouthfeel and clean tasting

Sour Cream

  • No Need for culturing
  • Creamy mouthfeel and texture


  • Alfredo, queso, and cheesy
  • Superb coating on application

Cream Cheese

  • No Need for culturing
  • Plain or with added spices (chives and herbs)


  • Great snack adherence
  • Fat-conscious formulations

Sandwich Spread

  • Fat-conscious formulations
  • Stable emulsion and replacement for mayonnaise
  • Great flavor

Creamy Dressings

  • Stable emulsions
  • Viscosity fit for various applications
  • Fat-conscious formulations


  • Cholesterol- and Nitrate-free
  • Less sodium than pork bacon
  • Smokey flavor and color adjusted for consumer appeal


“PlantWise™ is the easiest way we know to enter the plant-based marketplace.”