Plant-based products are in high demand. Now you can enter the plant-based market quickly and easily and offer the products today’s customers crave with the new PlantWise™ line from Allied Blending. There are PlantWise™ Plant-Based Formulations for cheeses, sauces, spreads, bacon, yogurt and more.


Here are four reasons why PlantWise™ is the right choice for your plant-based products.


No process changes: PlantWise™ works with your current processes, equipment and staff so you can enter the plant-based marketplace quickly and easily


Simple preparation: Convenient PlantWise™ dry blends come in ready-to-use, pre-weighed BatchPaks™ with easy-to-follow processing instructions


Customized formulations: PlantWise™ can be formulated to your desired profi­le, including organic, non-BE, non-GMO, gluten free, allergen free, kosher, clean label and more


Rooted in science: Our R&D teams have created PlantWise™ to mimic the texture and taste of popular foods


Our PlantWise™ solutions offer a large diversity of vegan solutions. The year-long development of the Cheese-Mor® Portfolio allowed Allied Blending to become early on a pioneer in plant-based specialty blends, designed around the cost-effective development and production of cheese analogue products. LEARN MORE

Cheese-Mor® blends are compatible with existing equipment and processing parameters and provide a convenient all-in-one blend for imitation and processed cheese products. They improve textural and physical characteristics compared to casein-based products, reduce cost of imitation cheese products and eliminate effects of casein price volatility.

Cheese-Mor® Vegan Blends Applications

  • Salad bar block: Restricted melt, great for shredding, slicing and dicing
  • Pizza topping: Full melt and shreddable
  • Hard cheese: Options with restricted melt, perfect for grating
  • Individually wrapped slices (IWS): Restricted melt formulations


Our PlantWise™ plant-based meat alternatives have textures and flavors with parity to traditional meat in both fish and chicken alternatives. Each can be customized to your flavor and texture preference. Our base product is vegan and your finished product could be as well depending on colorant and flavorings added. Exclusive custom proprietary formulas developed by Allied Blending arrive to your door in easy-to-use BatchPak™ formulations. LEARN MORE

Functional Attributes

  • Provides a firm bite and chewable texture.
  • Adds plant-based protein content.
  • Flavored to represent a traditional meat product.
  • Applications can be battered or breaded.


  • Patty
  • Nugget
  • Stick
  • Filet


PlantWise™ works for a full range of applications and food products.


  • Alfredo, queso, and cheesy
  • Superb coating on application

Cream Cheese

  • No Need for culturing
  • Plain or with added spices (chives and herbs)


  • Great snack adherence
  • Fat-conscious formulations

Creamy Dressings

  • Stable emulsions
  • Viscosity fit for various applications
  • Fat-conscious formulations


“PlantWise™ is the easiest way we know to enter the plant-based marketplace.”

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